Floyd’s next investment? Football!

Floyd Mayweather revealed his possible future endeavors on his tour in UK!

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has revealed a possibility in buying Newcastle United FC, a Premier League team currently sitting at the 13th place in the English top division of football. The current owner of the club, Mike Ashley, chief executive of Sports Direct, has put the club up for sale at the end of 2017, but in spite of a few rumored offers refused to sell.

This is were the famous boxer comes into play who has stated he is a big football fan in the past.

“Newcastle United FC is an incredible football team. If you want me to buy them, let me know!”

said Floyd Mayweather Jr. during his UK tour in Newcastle

Whether this is a real investing opportunity Floyd would prefer or not is not 100% clear, but he has the basis to pull it off. Commonly referred to as the ‘richest athlete in the world’, Mayweather Jr. has racked up around $500 million during his career, and has even requested $600 million pursue to meet with the current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in the boxing ring. Floyd’s business endeavors after his 50th professional match include management companies and “Girl Collection”, a “gentlemen’s club”.

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